I heard that 2018 was a good year to balance your chakras


Chakras + Kundalini are the sources of energy within the body

Whether you practice yoga casually or seriously, chakras are a key factor in integrating the body+mind+soul, which is the goal in yoga. For many people, though, chakras are a foreign language. There's a lot of information out there, so we'll break it up in chunks so that it makes sense and you can deepen your practice, and thereby live a fuller and more present day-to-day life.


The AJNA center IS THE SIXTH chakra we'LL focus on in this eight-month series

At the beginning of each month, you'll get an email that focuses on a specific chakra, what it does, and how to balance it. Emails will be sent free of charge, but will provide you with further resources for more information, opportunities for classes, and more. 

The ajna chakra is the third eye chakra that is directly in front of and connected to the pineal gland. We'll focus on how symbolism can create meaning in our life, and how our yoga practice can help us see the unseen.