are you in tune with your self?

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Kundalini IS the source of energy within the body. CHAKRAS can either block or release that energy

Whether you practice yoga casually or seriously, chakras play a key role in integrating the body, mind, and soul. This union allows us to further understand the self and the roles we play in this world.

For many people, chakras are a foreign language. There is a lot of information to absorb when you’re first working with them, so I broke it down for you in an easy to understand guide.

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not sure where to start your chakra journey? the first step is to FIND OUT WHICH CHAKRAS ARE UNDER OR OVER CHARGED

I have created a brief survey with statements about your energy that you may agree or disagree with. After completion you will receive a free breakdown of a few key strengths and weaknesses, with suggestions on how to find more information to balance where needed.

Take a few moments to contemplate these statements, and learn how you can use a yoga practice to balance a wobbly center. Your results are kept private and will never be shared with another party.

Now available:

hand-bound zines, meditation cards, scented sprays, embroideries, and a digital download with more information about all seven chakra centers!