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Salt Lake City UT

Hand embroidery, freelance writing, and yoga. Original works by Brinley Froelich. 


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featured art in issue 6 of saltfront

Brinley Froelich

My embroidery was featured on the back cover of the latest issue of Saltfront! Saltfront was started by a group of students in the Environmental Humanities program at the University of Utah. From their website

We want to tell many kinds of stories, the stories of deserts and salt lakes and religious pioneers and inner city vegetable gardens, cat and dog stories, garbage and compost stories. We want to tell the stories of people in cities and on farms, of people who wander through disrupted landscapes and wonder where this all ends up.

check in for a free night stay with your root chakra

Brinley Froelich

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Muladhara: Chakra Series I

Part one of an eight part series. Now with a hand-stitched binding! 

The first of an eight part series is here! This 35-page zine includes everything you need to know about opening or balancing your muladhara (root) chakra. A place for notes is available at the end, with more resources listed if you want to deepen your chakra practice. 

This is a limited edition, and includes a free downloadable PDF. 

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Sign up for the chakra series here to get a summary of each of the seven main chakras to your inbox each month, or download a summary of them all in a double-sided PDF. 

veins of utah at the gateway!

Brinley Froelich

after thirty five hours of stitching in every spare moment I had the past week, and with incredible help from many friends, my window display is live at the gateway! go check it out on 70 S Rio Grande, just north of Victoria's Secret. 

Special thanks to Willard, Katie, Jordan, Max, Brody and Kamryn for your help in one way, shape, or form. 

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ways you can support women of color this black friday + holiday season

Brinley Froelich

BLACK FRIDAY brinley froelich boo forever.jpg

**trans+genderqueer inclusive**

We should support women of color all year long, but since this is the time of year that most of you will be spending money and cashing in your end of year bonuses, consider shifting capital to them. Read the cornerstone piece about why you should give your money to women (especially women of color). 

You may also choose to skip shopping on Black Friday and use the money you would have spent to donate to support the communities targeted by the Flint water crisis. I personally think this crowdpac to build a movement in Flint is a pretty great place to do that, but there are tons of charities and GoFundMe’s that you can also donate to.

What did I miss? Leave it in the comments!

RAW Artist Showcase with Jaggy Mones!

Brinley Froelich

Excited to announce that me and Maggie will be having a booth at the RAW Artists Showcase on December 6th at the Rockwell in Salt Lake City! 

In order to reserve our spot, we are required to sell at least 20 tickets. I understand that this is a bit on the pricier end, so as an incentive, I'm offering a free 8x10 print to whoever buys a ticket! Purchase tickets here. (Note: You *must* purchase them at that link in order for them to count toward our account.) If you're unable to make it, you can still support by purchasing a ticket (or several!), and they can be transferred to someone who would like to go. 

Once you've purchased your ticket, forward me the receipt or screenshot to, and indicate which option of print you'd like. 

Thanks everyone! 

new denim jackets are live!

Brinley Froelich



       original embroideries + vintage denim = bundle up 



dancing couple jacket
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green lichen jacket
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Teaching yoga at the University of Utah Student Life Center

Brinley Froelich

I'm teaching a Flow Yoga class again this semester at the University of Utah! Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:30-7:20pm, first day is on August 22nd, last day is on December 7th. This class is open to registration for students, faculty and staff at the University of Utah. Find out more info and sign up on the event page

how to transfer images onto fabric

Brinley Froelich

Several people have asked me how I transfer images onto fabric for my embroideries. So, here's a tutorial! 




  1. Arylic medium. I use a matte finish for my pieces. 
  2. Any image printed in ink. Keep in mind that when you transfer your image, it will go on backwards, so I usually avoid images with text. If you want text and you're printing yourself, make sure your design has the text reflected. I've found magazine paper works best, but I've also used images printed at home and images from books.  
  3. A piece of fabric. I use standard muslin fabric. It's important that your fabric is untreated, as most colored fabrics are treated with dye which will alter the image colors, or may not hold any of the image colors at all. 
  4. Paintbrush. 
  5. An easy to clean surface. There will be residue underneath the fabric once painted with medium, but it's easy to wash off with soap and water. 


  1. Paint the area you want to put the image on using the acrylic medium. 
  2. Place the image face down on the wet surface. Smooth out the image as much as possible, and fill in the corners with medium underneath up to the edges. 
  3. Cover the image with another layer of medium, continuing to smooth out the creases as much as you can. (Side note: I don't try to do this too much because a- it's damn near impossible, and b- I like the imperfection of the white spaces after I peel the image off. It's still important to do this though to get a better transfer.)
  4. Lift the fabric up and place it on a flat surface that you won't mind getting a little sticky. I usually put my images on an old book, magazine, or plastic bin, or hang the image up with clips. 

Let the fabric dry overnight or for a few hours—the longer the better. (Notice the creases and how it translates in the final image.)


  • Place the image in a shallow body of water. I use an old plastic bin and scrub brush for this part because it gets a little messy.
  • Gently scrub the image until you start to notice it peeling off. 
  • Continue scrubbing gently until the entire top layer is removed, rinse the residue off, and let the image dry for a few hours before altering. 

Once I'm done with the transfer, I liked to add my own embellishments using thread and needle. Fair warning: if you have experience stitching, you'll notice this is a little more difficult than stitching on fabric since it has another layer of toughness to it. I wear a thimble when I stitch on image transfers because you have to thread the needle up and then down for each stitch, as opposed to just threading through, so there's more opportunities for a nice lil poke in the finger. 


& VOILA! We have a patch! 

get this for your loved one~

dancing couple jacket
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how to practice yoga when it feels impossible

Brinley Froelich

Originally posted on Medium

My motivation to practice yoga sprouted after religion, therapy, and medication failed to release me from what I believed for a long time to be a chronic depression that I carried. After I began a semi-regular yoga practice, I started to unfold my mental habits, which allowed me to see that I was capable of tweaking them into clarity. The physical and spiritual side effects became an added bonus, filling in the gaps that didn’t make sense to me for so long. I know that what works for me isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to a serious mental illness, but in my experience, I’ve accepted that this is the healthiest habit I can cultivate and maintain, as it’s the most effective tool I’ve utilized to manage the ebbs and flows of my unbalanced mind. The seed was planted, now I am in the midst of sowing. This is far from an easy journey.

My desire to practice yoga has never wavered, but I’ve run into a lot of dead ends along the way. Lack of access to a studio, class, or teacher has trapped me in dormancy for long periods. Weariness became common early on in my practice as one or a combination of money, time, energy and accessibility blocked me from participating. I know students who experienced abuse from their teachers and vice-versa, which made it discouraging to find reasons to continue the practice. Another significant aversion stems from a disillusionment with the dominance of white girl yogis with name-brand social media sponsorship's, who are less than inspiring; while on the other hand, serious gurus feel difficult to approach without a serious understanding, commitment, and background to the practice. It feels like a damned if you do, damned if you don’t world for me, and it’s frustrating to try to find where my practice fits in.

Slowly, I’m beginning to realize that the dominant narrative in Western yoga is stuck in this limited context that creates gatekeepers of information, making it seem as if you need the right resources to exchange in order to learn the right method of practicing yoga. I reject that. I believe yoga should be, and is when you know how to look for it, available to everyone — regardless of income, location, history, or ability. Before you assume a practice is unrealistic like I did for a time, I invite you to find different ways to approach the process.

First off: you do not need a mat. The routine of flowing through a set of asanas (poses) within a start and ending time is helpful for warming the muscles and building strength, but it it isn’t necessary. Days or weeks may go by before you can realistically set aside that much time to practice anyway, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. At times, I have locked myself in a bathroom and stretched when I wanted to try a pose without anyone watching me. Use the mundane parts of your day to change the position you’re body is in. Roll your wrists in a circle and pull your fingers forward and back while you watch a movie. Bring the top of your foot behind your hip while you sit at a park. Flow through a cat/cow movement while you’re seated at your desk. There are many subtle stretches and breathing exercises that do not require you to isolate yourself or your time.

Let books, apps, and YouTube videos become your guru. There’s a wealth of information available at libraries and online, and there is no reason you shouldn’t use that to your advantage. Watching videos from the comfort of your home can be a great way for you to become familiar with the poses and terminology without feeling intimidated in a class with other students. Reading different books and about different practices can also help you realize what parts you like, and what parts you want to avoid. Even browsing the yoga section and magazines at a bookstore and jotting down the names of the authors whose books or teachings sound interesting can be a kickstart to online research, if you aren’t sure about purchasing a book to add to your library.

Keep in mind, though, that it is easy to become overwhelmed or confused with conflicting information, especially if you don’t know where to start. I suggest starting with illustrated reference books as these are well researched, organized, and cited, and often list websites or names of teachers for further learning. It may touch a subject that you never knew of that particularly interests you, which will help you narrow your search when you go online. The more you learn, the more you will learn what you want to learn.

Allow the other limbs of yoga to become a part of your method. Asanas (the poses you flow through in what’s usually understood as a yoga class) are only one limb of the eight limbs of yoga. There is a lot of material that could be discussed here, so instead of trying to summarize the intricacies of each, I invite you to look into what yama (ethics), niyama (spiritual self-discipline), pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (sensory withdrawal), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (ecstasy) mean to you, and how they can enrich your day-to-day experiences.

Master your own routine. I typically recommend the sun and moon salutations as a good place to start with your own practice, but you may have more experience and want to come up with your own sequence. The sun salutations are a great foundation for the rest of your practice, and you can perform them alone when you’re short on time. Watch videos, read about the sequence, learn the right alignments, and practice them with a friend until it becomes something you can flow through without consciously thinking about it. Timing the breath with your movement, learning the benefits of the poses, and knowing the right counter-poses is conducive to allow your experience to drift into new possibilities.

Don’t let one style of yoga turn you off to staying engaged. There are so many types of yoga out there that you’ll find something for every level and interest out there, especially once you realize that not all yoga practices are asana-based. Experiment with different types and write notes or contemplate on what you liked or didn’t like about the time you spent practicing a certain style. You may have resistance to bhakti, kundalini, yoga nidra or kirtan, for example, but after trying or revisiting it after avoiding it for awhile you may find that it touched you in an unexpected way. To reiterate and revise what I said earlier: the more you practice, the more you will practice what you want to practice.

If you found a guru you particularly like, reach out to them. Most yoga teachers I know of do not teach at one location only, but spread their resources across multiple venues. They may even have a newsletter, blog, or website you can follow for inspiration or information on special events they are hosting, or they may have recommendations for what they look out for. Tread carefully here: some teachers that used to inspire you may do or say something you disagree with or that makes you feel uncomfortable. Remind yourself that they are on a path just as you are. You’re going to be okay if you split at the fork.

Invite a friend to join you. Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement from someone we know and trust to take us to a class, or to practice with in a park, at the office, or anywhere with enough space. Instead of waiting around for someone else to invite you, be the instigator! Telling someone you want to go with them also makes it a little harder for you to back out of the commitment, since you have someone to be accountable to.

Finally, don’t be so hard on yourself. Some people are naturally more inclined to be militant with their practice through setting goals or counting days practiced off a checklist. Integrating your practice into a daily existence isn’t a discipline, and you don’t want it to become a chore that you will find excuses to avoid. Find joy in the ways you can use your insight to enrich your experience. Be adaptable in your practice and find creative ways to synthesize it with each breath. Most importantly, thank yourself for every effort you make. Sometimes what we feel is insignificant will later become a life-altering wisdom we carry with us.

I’m not a perfect example of what a healthy body, mind, and soul looks or acts like, but the union of those elements that we practice in yoga allows me to continue toward that. It’s important to remember: there is no arrival. There is no bar to reach. You do not suddenly become enlightened and free of all your mental, physical, or spiritual ills. Yoga is a cycle free from the arc of beginning to end, and practicing it allows you to shape your own evolution, with a myriad of ways to flow through it.

customized wedding table numbers for erin + sean

Brinley Froelich

I love doing things for the people I love, and that includes this project creating the wedding table numbers for my friends wedding. I am so happy for you, Erin + Sean! What a fun and magical weekend it was, I have so much love for these two and everyone that was there <3. 

customized jean jacket patches + stitching for miguel

Brinley Froelich

My friend Miguel asked me to embroider something on his favorite jean jacket to remind him of the Basaseachic Falls National Park outside of his hometown near Chihuaha, Mexico. I didn't want to recreate the images I found online, so I took some liberties in the design and turned it into a three-part panel of patches representing the actual falls traveling to the river beneath it. 

In addition to the three patches, I stitched his family's cattle brand onto the inside sleeve under the wrist for a subtle personal touch 

In addition to the three patches, I stitched his family's cattle brand onto the inside sleeve under the wrist for a subtle personal touch 

I had a ton of fun working on this, I'm excited to work on customizing more!

the best tunes of 2016

Brinley Froelich


The best of the best. These are the tracks that I had on repeat while making my yoga playlists.

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Track Listing: 

  1. Stavroz- The Finishing
  2. Jeffrey Paradise- Cruise Control (Rollmottle Remix)
  3. Tourist- For Sarah
  4. Parra for Cuva- Auryn
  5. DJ Richard- Vampire Dub
  6. Steve Hauschildt- Eyelids Gently Dreaming
  7. Caribou- Dundas, Ontario
  8. Anchorsong- Ceremony
  9. Evenings- Lovelo
  10. Aphex Twin- Avril 14th
  11. Tsaik- Tehraj
  12. Iman Omari- L.A. Vibe
  13. Jon Hopkins- Inner Peace
  14. Ghost Feet- November
  15. Heathered Pearls- Thought Palace
  16. Botany- You Might Be an Eye
  17. DJ Shadow- Midnight in a Perfect World
  18. Portico Quartet- Prickly Pear
  19. Near the Parenthesis- Neume
  20. Gold Panda- Halyards
  21. The Range- Seneca
  22. Flume- When Everything Was New
  23. Groundislava- Jasper’s Song I
  24. josh pan- Do You Believe in Soulmates
  25. Soft Glas- Commute
  26. Beatsofreen- Slowly Rising
  27. Oddisee- Brea
  28. Kodak to Graph- Sequatchie Eve
  29. XXYYXX- Red
  30. Body-San- Mama Celeste Side Up
  31. Stumbleine- Comatose
  32. Kidnap Kid- Moments (instrumental)
  33. Daniel Lanois- Two Worlds
  34. chanes- Landscape
  35. Blue in Green- Rainy Streets
  36. Mooninite- Orange
  37. D33J- Sleeping Out
  38. Moby- Live Forever
  39. To Rococo Rot- Die Dinge des Lebens
  40. CFCF- In Praise of Shadows
  41. Luxury Elite- S.W.A.K.
  42. Suzanne Kraft- Two Chord Wake
  43. Dntel- Bay Loop
  44. Tycho- From Home (Mux Mool Remix)
  45. Daniel T- Planetisimal (Rollmottle Remix)
  46. Ratatat- Supreme
  47. Taku- Yes (Nujabes Tribute)
  48. froyo ma- Berrymilk Sea

Incite 3: The Art of Storytelling

Brinley Froelich

This is a little late to my site, but better late than never, right? Anyway, I was really excited when I found out this piece was selected for Incite 3: The Art of Storytelling.


This was a particularly emotional piece for me to make. In the wake of Dan's passing, I finally took on 2666, a daunting tome, but a book he highly recommended to me that I always put off reading. This piece was inspired by The Part about Archimboldi, when Hans dives among the seaweed and becomes so enraptured by the species that he almost drowns among it.

It's funny, the things we become obsessed about as children rarely leave us, despite growing up, taking on new responsibilities, and most likely forgetting about those things for a time. Not that 2666 is an uplifting book, nor is the passing of a friend a time for inspiration, but I think remembering those sparks of passion we felt in our childhood can fuel us as we go through the anxieties of being an adult. I know it's what kept Dan going through his. 

Anyway, before I wax too emotional... I leave you with a few of my favorites from the book. Truly humbled to be included in this collection.