Which chakra of yours needs attention? Which chakra of yours gives you strength? take the survey below to receive a free breakdown of your chakra constitution, giving you guidance on where to focus your yoga practice to help balance your body, mind, and soul.

To take this survey...
To take this survey...
Read the statements below and choose the answer using your best judgement—be honest but nice with yourself! Your results will be emailed to you as soon as possible upon review.
I spend a good amount of time in nature
I understand and take care of my body
I am connected to my pelvic floor
I feel grounded and calm
My basic needs are taken care of (food, shelter, and rest)
I indulge in my desires
I am comfortable with my sexuality
I enjoy getting lost in dance
I stretch my limbs
I drink plenty of water
I have plenty of energy
I initiate action
I am a master of something
I am confident in myself
I listen to my gut responses
I express intimacy with my friends and loved ones
I give myself and other people room to make and learn from mistakes
I feel love and compassion for all beings
I am able to forgive other people and myself in order to attain peace
My breath is soft and expansive
I communicate out of love and not fear
I am creative
I listen to my breath
I am a good listener
I speak what I believe is true, even when it feels difficult
I listen to the guidance of my intuition
I am able to reach clarity during moments of confusion or conflict
I can relate to fictional characters or mythical archetypes
I feel the connection between my body and my mind
I can recall my dreams easily
I am connected to an inner and outer world
I cultivate spirituality in my life
I prioritize time for studying and learning
I am open to new possibilities and understanding
I experience the souls or auras of other people and creatures
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