What do you do when your head breaks open and the influx of visions run opposite of everything you learned growing up? When this happened to me for the first time, I felt a peace Iā€™d never known through the faith I was raised in ā€“ it gave me the faith to let go of it.

neither one of them wants to see the other for what they are beyond their orientation or beyond the tool that they hold, and so they both leave the river, cursing the mistranslation of shapes and the speed at which they emit.

At three o'clock, the world will explode. At three o'clock, computers will start talking to us. One hour after three o'clock it will still be three o'clock. We will all have a party tomorrow evening at three o'clock. 

Those men kill bees inside of me,
my work devalued
as my jars of honey become
another weapon, another force to
perpetuate the entropy that deceives
in face of fear. 

the arrangement of the fallen flowers stretched across the concrete with a broken elegance that led pedestrians to tip-toe around them, caring not to disturb the damaged goods that seemed an offering (with accidental grace) to the spirits of the dead.