I love getting to know what's behind the scenes of my subject. Here are some of the more interesting interviews I've conducted.



The People of Ieya : Chris Allman and The People of Ieya. 

Chris Allman left the LDS church and created his own sci-fi cult. It has attracted audiences as varied as the FBI and MTV, but he doesn’t recommend that you model your life after it.

Candace Jean : Cover story for August 2015 SLUG Magazine

Her fascination with the natural world bleeds into her illustrations, and coupled with an adoration of the Victorian era, her images evoke dimensions of creepy, almost haunting scenes—yet she balances them with a healthy dose of classic beauty.

Angela Boatwright : Director of Los Punks

"I have a very strong, spiritual—albeit secular—passion that drives me. Everything I do comes from my gut … [but] my teenage self inspires my work more than anything, and 14-year-old me would be very proud of who I’ve become." 

Geologist from Animal Collective : pre-coverage for March 2013 show at The Depot

"After a couple of weeks or so of playing, things started to take shape with this idea of how could we reinterpret rock music and still sound like Animal Collective, and this idea came up: What if we lived on another planet and somehow we heard rock music from Earth, but it was kind of scrambled and fucked up when it got to us?"

Odesza : pre-coverage for February 2014 show at Urban Lounge

"If you don’t dream big, our attitudes probably won’t go that way, so we try to think of stuff in a big way. We would love to eventually one day get a label going, produce for other artists—there are a lot of different outlets that we’d like to be a part of. We’d love to work on soundtracks, and tons of other stuff. Anywhere where we can be a part of it, and it’s creative, we’d love to do that. We like experimenting and trying new things all of the time."



Local Coverage

Utah Women in Film 

What started three years ago as a support network for female filmmakers in Utah has grown into a solidified non-profit that connects women to resources and mentorship, providing a wide range of expertise along the way.

Design of the Devil's Hand?

Design of the Devil’s Hand? has become an opportunity for [the artists] to meditate deeply on their own ideas of the Devil, and they’ve stumbled across some intimate truths in the process. The original inspiration, initially proposed by Banks, came with the notion of what it means to be an individual.

Salt City Vodka

Vodka doesn’t really have the classic “liquor on the rocks” ring to it like whiskey does, but like most liquors—if made right—it can be palatable on its own. Ilott and Farrer tout their flagship product, Salt City Vodka, as a vodka so smooth that one can drink it without adding the frills of a fancy cocktail

Of Meat and Marrow

A “rock-opera-dance-circus” for a mature audience, the show is equal parts sexy and silly, with horrifying monstrosity. “It’s a reminder that kids are not the only ones who can trick or treat,” says Liberty Valentine, a performer in this year’s show.

The Night Contains the Day: An Evening of Rumi's Poetry with Coleman Barks and David Darling

Take a walk through their mystical poetry and feel your mind begin to dance.