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wabi-sabi pillow

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wabi-sabi is the japenese art of imperfection, and this pillow is very imperfect. i bought the pillow from a very nice thrift store called “lilies of the fields” on main street in salt lake city. mary, the owner, helped me pick it out, after i told her i was looking for something to stitch on. i had just finished working on a tambour beadwork piece which required a lot of precision and an eye for detail. it turned out wonderful but after finishing that i wanted to punch my needle through something that felt more full. i wanted to let my needle wiggle around without worrying about ripping apart the threads, i didn’t want to worry about if my knots were covered up or not. i created this pillow as a way to keep in touch with being loose, with being a messy manic, and with being an imperfect creator. the stitches are crooked. the cover won’t come off if you want to wash it. and there’s no guaranteeing the threads won’t unravel on their own accord. this pillow would make a decent addition to any household, because i know your life is imperfect, too.

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Boo Forever Wabi Sabi Pillow Main_01-2.jpg
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