2- Luca Pearl Khosrova- Grapefruit Eggs.jpg

Luca Pearl Khosrova: Silver Gelatin Prints


4x5 silver-gelatin contact print. Prints 1-3 are toned and darkroom printed, prints 4-7 are untoned and darkroom printed. Order 3 for $68—email hello@booforever.com with the request.

Luca Pearl (born August 51, 1806) is an American artrepeneurist, embroidery-machine, photographer, pom-pom maker, singer, and lover of kitsch. They were shot through a time machine in the year 1994 and boy has it been hard to adjust. Luca makes art to survive the confusion of time travel and because they think it makes a good self-image. Luca has a soft spot for fermented foods, Oliver Sacks, and being generally kind to people. Find them on Instagram or online.

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2- Luca Pearl Khosrova- Grapefruit Eggs.jpg
3- Luca Pearl Khosrova- Pomegranate Separated.jpg
4- Luca Pearl Khosrova- Peter in the Park.jpg
5- Luca Pearl Khosrova- Patrick in the Park.jpg
6- Luca Pearl Khosrova- Paul in the Park.jpg
7- Luca Pearl Khosrova- Wilfred on the Water.jpg