...austerity measures, greece 2017.jpg

jaggy mones: 8x10 matted prints


Original photographs taken by Jaggy Mones with either a canon G10 or a canon rebel with water damage. Each hand-signed 5x7 print is matted to fit an 8x10 frame.

Jaggy Mones is a wanderer backpacking through this world, slinging art and coffee along the way. Find them on Instagram for more.

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...austerity measures, greece 2017.jpg
albion basin, utah 2016.jpg
athens, greece 2017.jpg
brisbane, australia 2015.jpg
bus rides, australia 2015.jpg
denver, colorado 2015.jpg
extraterrestrial encounters, iceland 2017.jpg
forget me not, spain 2017.jpg
guanajuato, mexico 2015.jpg
kathmandu, nepal 2014.jpg
laguna salar de uyuni, bolivia 2012.jpg
madrid, spain 2017.jpg
midnight sun, alaska 2016.jpg
miscommunications 40 meters underground, 2017.jpg
moving through this world so fast i wish it would last, india 2014.jpg
my neighbor totoro, australia 2015.jpg
night walks, netherlands 2017.jpg
on the road again, bolivia 2012.jpg
once in nature, india 2017.jpg
paris, france 2017.jpg
pashupatinath, nepal 2014.jpg
reykjavik, iceland 2017.jpg
salar de uyuni, bolivia 2012.jpg
san rafael swell, utah 2015.jpg
streets in melbourne pt. 1, australia 2014.jpg
streets in melbourne pt. 2, australia 2014.jpg
streets in melbourne pt. 3, australia 2014.jpg
streets in melbourne pt. 4, australia 2014.jpg
tea & hash, india 2015.jpg
what's on the other side, 2014.jpg