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social media: twitter, facebook, instagram, or pinterest


Social media is not something you gain popularity with overnight. With a six-month contract, you'll see organic growth of over 1K followers, increase engagement, and have a collection of interesting assets to share with others, which you can repost later down the road if you so choose. 

After having a conversation with you and understanding your brand needs and strengths, I will brainstorm best social media strategy. This will include evergreen and timely content relevant to your target market. I will also provide a best-practice guide with tips and pointers for social media strategy if you choose to end the contract after six months. 

If you would like to combine social media content across more than one platform, contact me for price bundling. 

Note: this is for written content only. Images are required for Instagram and Pinterest, and highly recommended for Twitter and Facebook. 

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freelance shtuff-03.jpg