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Salt Lake City UT

Hand embroidery, freelance writing, and yoga. Original works by Brinley Froelich. 

the best tunes of 2016


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the best tunes of 2016

Brinley Froelich


The best of the best. These are the tracks that I had on repeat while making my yoga playlists.

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Track Listing: 

  1. Stavroz- The Finishing
  2. Jeffrey Paradise- Cruise Control (Rollmottle Remix)
  3. Tourist- For Sarah
  4. Parra for Cuva- Auryn
  5. DJ Richard- Vampire Dub
  6. Steve Hauschildt- Eyelids Gently Dreaming
  7. Caribou- Dundas, Ontario
  8. Anchorsong- Ceremony
  9. Evenings- Lovelo
  10. Aphex Twin- Avril 14th
  11. Tsaik- Tehraj
  12. Iman Omari- L.A. Vibe
  13. Jon Hopkins- Inner Peace
  14. Ghost Feet- November
  15. Heathered Pearls- Thought Palace
  16. Botany- You Might Be an Eye
  17. DJ Shadow- Midnight in a Perfect World
  18. Portico Quartet- Prickly Pear
  19. Near the Parenthesis- Neume
  20. Gold Panda- Halyards
  21. The Range- Seneca
  22. Flume- When Everything Was New
  23. Groundislava- Jasper’s Song I
  24. josh pan- Do You Believe in Soulmates
  25. Soft Glas- Commute
  26. Beatsofreen- Slowly Rising
  27. Oddisee- Brea
  28. Kodak to Graph- Sequatchie Eve
  29. XXYYXX- Red
  30. Body-San- Mama Celeste Side Up
  31. Stumbleine- Comatose
  32. Kidnap Kid- Moments (instrumental)
  33. Daniel Lanois- Two Worlds
  34. chanes- Landscape
  35. Blue in Green- Rainy Streets
  36. Mooninite- Orange
  37. D33J- Sleeping Out
  38. Moby- Live Forever
  39. To Rococo Rot- Die Dinge des Lebens
  40. CFCF- In Praise of Shadows
  41. Luxury Elite- S.W.A.K.
  42. Suzanne Kraft- Two Chord Wake
  43. Dntel- Bay Loop
  44. Tycho- From Home (Mux Mool Remix)
  45. Daniel T- Planetisimal (Rollmottle Remix)
  46. Ratatat- Supreme
  47. Taku- Yes (Nujabes Tribute)
  48. froyo ma- Berrymilk Sea